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We offer cleaning services to clients in London (Within the M25 region).

Call us on 0203 916 5097 and one of the team will book in your clean!

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Office Cleaning

  • We offer daily office cleaning to ensure a clean working environment.
  • We have competitive prices, with 98% retention in the last year                            (2019 - 2020).
  • All our cleaning operators are fully vetted and trained.
  • We are fully insured to carry out cleaning services.
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To match Covid-19 demand we recently expanded to provide decontamination services as requested from clients.

  • Once on-site our trained operatives ensure that they are fully protected wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • The area will firstly be dusted and cleaned using a broom, shovel or scraper. Worktops and key touch points will be wiped with anti-bacteria surface wipes.
  • Air cleansing equipment will be installed before starting the decontamination of all surfaces.
  • The area will be decontaminated by treating it with a medical grade disinfectant which will completely eliminate the bacteria and viruses.

After the decontamination you will be issued with a decontamination certificate.


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Vetted Operators

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Fully Insured

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Call us on 0203 916 5097 and one of the team will book in your clean!

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